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I am Logan Petlak (petlak.logan@prairiesouth.ca)! I’m a teacher born, raised, and teaching in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have taught high school science, student support, English as an additional language and a variety of grade nine courses thus far in my career… and am now in a senior science role at Central Collegiate teaching Health and Environmental Science 20, as well as Biology 30 and AP® Biology.

I have been heavily involved each year of my career with extra-curriculars in the school, assisting in outdoor education excursions, ski trips, coaching track & field, football, SLC and am a member of the Prairie South‘s Gay-Straight Alliance. I have completed Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction to better support student learning! I am also privileged to have a loving family with my fiance Kristin that includes our four cats, Indie, Bitsy, Lily, and Jericho (Rico). I enjoy being physically active including weight training, football, and hockey and am a big fan of the NHL and NFL.

I am a firm believer in every student having the ability to learn and in creating a supportive and versatile environment that makes that possible. I believe that to excel as an educator a teacher needs to establish positive learning relationships with students. I also feel that students may come from environments without a supportive advocate in their corner, and teachers have a responsibility to provide this. I pride myself on optimism and enthusiasm – you can count on me to bring that to my life and classroom day in and day out.

Be sure to check out my blogs about educational technology (ECI), or utilize resources from any of my classes or modules!

– Logan Petlak


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