I am Logan Petlak! I’m a young teacher born, raised, and teaching in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I have taught high school science, student support, English as an additional language and a variety of grade nine courses thus far in my career… and am now transitioning into a senior science role at Central Collegiate teaching Health and Environmental Science 20, as well as Biology 30 and AP Biology.

I have been involved heavily each year of my career with extra-curriculars in the school, assisting in outdoor education excursions, ski trips, coaching track & field, football, soon to assist in SLC and am a member of the Prairie South‘s Gay-Straight Alliance. I am currently taking my Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction to better support student learning! I am also privileged to have a loving family with Kristin that includes our two cats, Indie and Bitsy. I enjoy being physically active including weight training, football, and hockey and am a big fan of the NHL and NFL.

I am a firm believer in every student having the ability to learn and in creating a supportive and versatile environment that makes that possible. I believe that to excel as an educator a teacher needs to establish positive learning relationships with students. I also feel that students may come from environments without a supportive advocate in their corner, and teachers have a responsibility to provide this. I pride myself on optimism and enthusiasm – you can count on me to bring that to my life and classroom day in and day out.

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