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    If you would like to contact me for information around the delivery of the content or are curious about my assessment practices for these subjects, send me an email and I’d be happy to support you and your learners!
    Note: some links and PowerPoint content are not cited as well as it should be so these are a work in progress and much of the content is dated.
  • Read, comment, and share some of my blog posts! Some of them are pretty early reflections from the beginning of my career and serve as a progression of my growth as an educator – some of the views and ideas I’ve expressed in them I have since refined.

About Me:

Greetings!Petlak thumbs up.png

I am Logan Petlak (pronouns: he/him)! I’m an educator born, raised, and teaching on Treaty 4 territory in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I am privileged to have a loving family that includes my wife, Kristin, child, Kohen, and our four cats, Indie, Bitsy, Lily, and Jericho (Rico). I enjoy gaming (board games, video games) and being physically active which includes weight training and playing football & hockey.

I currently am a learning consultant with Prairie South Schools and previously have worked as a student support teacher and as a classroom teacher with experience teaching:

  • High school sciences (including health science, environmental science, biology and AP® Biology),
  • Health, leadership and gender & sexual diversity,
  • English as an additional language,
  • Middle years math and science through virtual school and;
  • Technology courses including game design and video production & animation.

I went to the University of Regina for my Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.Ed), specializing in health and biology, completing that in 2013. In 2018, I completed my Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (M.Ed) at the University of Regina with a majority of my course work focusing on educational technology. As of 2020, I am a doctoral student at the University of Regina further exploring my passions related to digital and scientific literacy.

My passions in education have evolved throughout my career with health, science, and technology being the primary focuses, however interests in mental health, leadership, inclusion, curriculum, instruction, and assessment have grown from this as well. I am a firm believer in every individual being capable of learning and growing throughout their lives and that I have a responsibility to collaborate with others to create a supportive and versatile environment that allows for safety, inclusivity and risk-taking that makes that learning possible for everyone. This is guided by my desire to connect with others and continuously evaluate evidence to achieve this as best as possible. If you know me, you know I try to consistently bring optimism, enthusiasm, and humour to our interactions; so connect with me so we can learn more together!

– Logan Petlak

Twitter: @mrlpetlak
Webpage: LoganPetlak.ca


Certifications (updates to this in progress)

Mental Health

Indigenous and Treaty Education

Curriculum Writing (Locally Developed for Prairie South)

  • Leadership 10L
  • Personal Fitness 10L




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