Blog Post Information

This page should provide you with resources for creating your blog. Remember to ask deep thinking questions and pursue ideas you have. Show evidence of your readings and try to work them in organically into your writing. Consider reading classmates’ work and commenting on their work.

In categories and tags for your blogs – include “CCIAPBiology”, this will allow us to search for it easier.

Rubric: AP Biology Blog and Reflection Rubric

Classmate’s Blog Pages –

Student Name Blog Page
 Erika Thomson
 Hunter Nixon
 Cheyenne Peterson
 Chayce Vanthuyne
 Sydney Booth
Ashlyn Jesse
Carter Voth
Chloe Merifield
Ariet Okouri
Sophia Ahmad
Sarah Russell
Abdul Alabi
Sara Moncion
Liam Kerr
 Didumo Omot
 Braeleene Bandao
 Brendan Jesse
 Riley Copeman
 Kira Bryan
Jezza Canuto 
Obi Aghelamu
 Sophia Ahmad

Old Pages

Student Name Blog Page
Ethan Schultz
Kada Klein
Lee Cadotte
Darian Agapay
Jacob MacAulay
Jama Jibril
Shrabonti Bhowmik
Arhum Niaz


How to make a blog post – step-by-step

  1. Do the reading – highlight or write down points you found interesting or confused you.
  2. Put these points onto your blog post.
  3. Reflect or write down what you understood about the information (use your choice of the questions below to elaborate on it).
  4. Ask questions about your own work (blog post) and thoughts. Try to find an answer to them online and include the link.
  5. After finishing approximately 500 words worth of reflection on the material, summarize your learning and a big question to go forward.
  6. Look up pictures/videos that may relate to your work and add them to the blog post.
  7. Read over your post – does everything make sense? Is there any new questions/information you can add to your post?
  8. In “tags” and/or “categories” put “CCIAPBiology”. In “tags” put as many related terms about your post as possible, it will help others find your work.Still confused?
    Take a look at my blog post for an example!Future blogging requirements
  9. Read a fellow classmates’ blog.
  10. Include an idea from their blog that you found interesting and include a link to their blog post about it.
    Comment on their blog post with feedback and questions.

Guiding Questions for Blog

  • What do you know about the topic?
  • What stood out from the reading/content?
  • What does it mean to you, what does it remind you of?
  • Put your thinking into writing. Give a voice to your internal dialogue.
  • Ask questions that you may want to learn related to it.
  • Why is this particular topic important?
  • Cool facts/articles that relate to it.
  • Pursue learning opportunities/inquiries that may not be from the text. Look up the answers to the questions you’ve asked.