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I considered putting a week-by-week process of how far I expect to get. Piano is no simple task, however, and while it’s designed with the end in mind… I’m not sure where I will end up over the course of the next three months. Each day should involve approximately an hour’s worth of practice and I plan to do this at least three times per week (today worked out to being about five hours worth of work)!

In the following video, I delve into a pre-assessment of my current Piano Skills, and some of the tools I’m using in my learning!

Here are some pictures that are related to what I’m learning. C Scale and “Sharps”

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Here is the twitter for songs to be learned on Synthesia

Here is a website showing which Keyboard I’m using.

Synthesia – easy free download to begin, but for more advanced usage, like uploading MIDI files you need the full version. I went ahead and bought that.

All I needed was a USB cord to connect my keyboard to my laptop and I was good!

MIDI Files

Here are some major outcomes:
I can confidently play parts of several songs using both hands simultaneously on the piano.
I can identify what each key is on the keyboard.
I can learn and play several chords.
I can read sheet music confidently.
I can learn parts of songs I enjoy.

I have to start learning about reading sheet music next week! What are some good apps for looking that up?

Let me know,
Logan Petlak