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Hello all!

Last week, I began learning about what exactly chords were. This week I actively walked through how to play some of them. While I covered more than are depicted on the video this is a good snapshot of my learning process. Including the realization that the root or naming of chords is based on what note or key on the piano is played and goes down the keyboard from there.

The Root

The root of the chord is always the easiest to find because it’s in the name of the chord! The root of an E Minor chord is E.

I reviewed some of my previous learning of identifying notes on the keyboard and then began practising and learning 12 Major Chords.In this video I highlighted my learning of the C, F, G, D, and E Major chord.

Other Chords

In my research I found pictures and websites to help me learn some of the chords (a chord is also called a triad)!

A Major – A C# E
Ab Major – (which I learned is “A Flat” – or a G# note up (right) from middle C – G# C D#
Gb Major – enharmonic with F# chord – F# A# C#
Bb Major – Bb D F
B Major – B D# F #

Piano Chords via Jeff Kaufman

Nuances of reading chords
Many of the pictures have middle C located, on the left as the first C in view.
B Major Chord via Easy-Chords.com

What I learned with the circle of fifths told me that typically when we go flat (b) it is because we are down or left from middle C.

I also learned that “m” means that it is a minor chord.

Hand placement with C Major
Chord Fingering Page 1 via WordPress

And my learning was supplemented by Duane! There were many other videos out there, but this was part of a series of learning piano videos I could find myself revisiting.


Four Chord Song

In my learning process I keep gathering resources for the Four Chord Song, including the chord progression. I learned that my left hand will be playing E B C# and A… syncing up with the chords I need to learn E Major, B Major, C# minor, and A Major (no coincidence that the left hand notes are the main notes of these chords)…. and  I also found a video that helps, shown below.


As always, I welcome feedback and information! Comment below!

Logan Petlak