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As I worked on my resource for digital literacy in science classrooms, I soon learned that it would be very difficult to address the entire science curriculum. So I decided to focus on the foundations of scientific literacy and how they applied to digital citizenship.

I even felt so inclined as to make a visual for how Ribble’s Nine Elements fit into the scientifically literate student outline found in the curriculum.

digital citizenship in science.png

After making this revelation I was able to focus my efforts on creating a series of lesson plans to include at the conclusion of the document that include topics in Health Science 20, Environmental Science 20, and Biology 30.

I just completed the Health Science documentary last week and felt there was a lot of success and positive discussion among the students during and following the video – we’re extending the learning afterwords to look into other types of diets and the validity associated with them. I strongly recomme

My document is nearing it’s completion!

Logan Petlak