Health Science 20

Unit 2 – Nutrition

Health Science 20 Calculating Nutrient Intake Lab

Unit 1 Nutrition Updated 2018 (Last Updated March 21st)

Nutrition Eating Practices and Indicators of Health Assignment

Unit 1 – Health Care Philosophy and Ethics
Presentation (Updated March 6th, 2018)
Health Care Ethics and Philosophies Revised

Study Card Outline
Health Care Philosophies and Ethics Study Card Outline

Example: Types of Medicine Study Card Example

Optional Assignment:
CAM Handout
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Notes for Handout
Complementary and alternative Medicine Information


Student-Directed Study Project
Curriculum and Project Preparation

Health Science 20 Student Directed Study

SK Health Science 20 Curriculum (Pg 30 is the list of outcomes)

Career Project

Career Project Health Science