Term in Review

Over the course of the term, I’ve been developing an idea behind what an online course would look like if I were the instructor. Upon analyzing my altruistic views associated with education, I developed several major conclusions as a result of my original goals:

  • Use free tools.
  • Create a prototype that is accessible all the time and by as many people as possible.
  • Communicate/interact with others and allow individuals to interact with each other in a variety of facets.
  • Stay true to or attempt to replicate my assets as an educator in a traditional classroom.

Self-assessing, I addressed my goals for the term and these conclusions were met in my course, but what about feedback from my peers?

Responding to course feedback

How did my course look and feel on the outside looking in?

Upon receiving feedback from my peers, I learned some of the strengths/shortfalls to my program (as well as some things that I may not know – value of Flipgrid, for example). I could’ve made some things more clear in terms of adaptations for a diverse amount of learners – yet thought I addressed this in my course profile, and as one individual wrote, is this something that would reveal itself over several modules and as the class develops.

The course itself perhaps could have been more clear in terms of the course outline, addressing . While Socrative was used mostly as a formative assessment for students, I should be more clear that it may be used for summative assessment as well – specifically outlining how assessment as a whole would look in the course. That being said, where is the line to establish when creating an open module for everyone while making something that is specifically linked to a high school course. I think my intentions were to create a resource that could be used at any time by anyone, but wouldn’t be the sole foundation of the course (blended with the regular classroom) – whoever presented that notion, however, definitely got me considering the depth at which I want my course to go.

How will I meet the needs of EAL learners beyond telling them to pause the video or use subtitles? Is there anything more you can provide in this format? Resources to help develop science vocabulary?

Can you really provide support to individuals without WiFi when it is a digital course? Do I lend devices to students in need? I could potentially send copies of the course via email, but without internet, what can be done?

Without further ado, here is my summary of learning for this course – highlighting my journey through the creation of an online course prototype. Lyrics are posted below, and I really find it walks through my progression with the creation of the course prototype! Thanks for an awesome term ECI 834 and hopefully you will see more of me teaching online in the future!

Part 1 – The Weeknd – Starboy (1:17)
In a Traditional classroom-ah

Never would use any edtech-ah
I’mma switch to blended classroom-ah
All online to flipped classroom-ah
Assessment toys they free too-ah
socrative, mentimeter, kahoot-yeah
Synchronous face to face class-ah
Asynchronous no time/place-ah
Want to teach kids digital-leeee
Want to make something cool like John Greeeen
Watchin crash course historyyyy
Thinking how will I ever get this made
I need some help so I look to bates
how do I teach in a digital age?
I am dreamin of Youtube fame
buy a domain, show off my name
eight, eight, eight, eight eight
thir thir thirty four
E C and I.
I’mma takin learnin online.
Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec, Alec
And Katia
I am takin learnin online.
Part 2 – Twenty One Pilots – Ride (2:20)
On vacation in the sun and what did I find
I said I’d teach online.
Struggled in the mode of delivery grind
Is it hard to teach online?
Yeah, how to interact behind a screen n’ such
Public or private online?
Will random enemies troll the kids that I love
I facilitate online?

Oh, no.
How do I make course with universal design?
Oh, I’m planning how will it look when I go online
(still) Learnin in E, C, and I

An online room
That’s easy to make
There’s a list of systems that I could make
LMS for me
VLE for you
CMS using the google classroom
Nothing is open when the course is through
None open when course is through
Technically I hope I can
share everything but what do I choose
They could email you
That be hard to do
I can’t hear them say
Unless on I’m zoom
But rather than write
I’ll use flipgrid  tonight
Yes people at home could be talking to you
Could they ignore them still
All these questions they’re forming like
Is this authentic?
Or Meaningful?
And are interactions real?

Oh, no.
How do I make course content for reader types?
Oh, I’m broke but OpenStax got free texts online
(still) Learnin in E, C, and I

I’ve been blogging too muc
Not been tweetin enough
Google plussing enough?
Still not tweetin enough.

Have I been blogging too much (I’ve been blogging too much)
Not been tweetin enough (sorry)
Have I been blogging too much (Actually like blogging a bunch)
But still not tweetin enough (sorry)

Littlest Hobo (1:00)
Audacity to do audio editing
with Screencast, like Khan Academy.
Use prompts on forums, to make learners friends,
they better discuss, not cause a fuss or I’ll block them

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll try Canvas out,
Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep WordPress on.

And if I want to input an image file,
Just google that, use Compfight, free usage style.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll figure Moodle out,
Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep Zoomin on.
Ed Sheeran – Shape of You (1:30)

WordPress is my place to make a module
It’s open and here I go
Activities mixed with lecture lots
Evolution facts like a Youtube show
Movie maker record Zoom starring just me
Assessing w/ socrative answers now
Got a plan, stop, put the plan on the webpage
I finally start a class, and now hoping that

Do you feel like learning some?
Something about science-biology?
Learnin now, with a VLE
Don’t be lazy, chat frequently
Say, boy, you better talk enough
Comment, blog and flipgrid video me
Come on now, I’m modelling
Come, come on now, follow my lead

We got us some learning to do
It’s online and you can choose
When you want to give vids a view
You can learn worldwide.
And last night you learned in your room
And last week at a hotel with zoom
Every day can learn something brand new
When ya learn online.
Online Online Online Online
You can learn worldwide
Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Assuming you got WiFi-e
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
I’ll teach for every body.
Every day can teach someone that is brand new
I’ll teach for even you.