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Google “Education Technology“. What you find is a definition from Wikipedia of  “Education Technology“:

“the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.”
Association for Educational Communications and Technology via Wikipedia.

As an individual exposed to the ideas of Education Technology (henceforth referred to as #edtech) this all makes sense… and, happily, it has the best interests of student learning in mind. But what about the definition of technology? Often we approach technology through the lens of computers and gadgets, but may not recognize the ideas and processes associated with #edtech. Case in point, upon finding an appropriate technology-related image, the picture below was the closest one to being accurate, but still rampant with electronic devices.


“Technology” from Google Images via Pixabay

To the left you see an iPod, TV, Camera, and some sort of electric hair clippers close to the nose… your stereotypical forms of technology.

What am I getting at?

Technology is so much deeper than we give it credit for. We assume it is simply a network of electronic connections and the concept of “technology”. It isn’t. Knowing a book can be used as a paperweight, or that Fonzie-style hitting the copier will fix it, that is technology. Further applying it to education, it considers adaptions and differentiation for students without an app or tablet. It has shaped history, not just in the creation of new weapons or medications, but also in ideas, beliefs and algorithms.

We make this separation with students, and this discussion is actually present in the Saskatchewan Social 9 curriculum! I tweeted about it one day when my students and I discussed it! But do we always remember it as adults and educators?

I hope to remind myself over the course of #eci830 the widespread implications of EdTech. And that the inherent discussions and debates within also represent educational technologies through the sharing and creation of ideas.

Honing in on our original definition of EdTech. I also know that EdTech does involve a variety of apps, programs and resources that enhance student learning and I’m extremely excited to continue to utilize them.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Erin Benjamin shared the excitement of getting into this class in her blog, and I agree. She mentions connecting with colleagues and learning with others… I guess that’s nice too…

I’m Logan Petlak by the way.

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