Petlak Biology

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Welcome to Petlak Biology!

I am your instructor, Logan Petlak (learn more about me here). On this site are a series of asynchronous modules elaborating on fundamental concepts of biology, with an emphasis on outcomes from the Saskatchewan biology 30 curriculum.

Designed for senior secondary students (ages 15-19; grades eleven and twelve), but available to everyone, take advantage of (with educational rationale):

  • a series of free instructional videos (via YouTube) to advance your learning of biology (available anytime you need it);
  • free quizzes (using Socrative) to formatively assess your learning (quizzes available at certain times throughout the year);
  • communicate with a diversity of fellow learners to enhance your learning through discussion/comments on posts, prompts or videos or through Flipgrid (Don’t want to share responses openly online through commenting? Flipgrid video-sharing allows you to engage with other classmates in an instructor-moderated environment);
  • hands-on suggested activities/assignments to try at home;
  • blended learning (live, face-to-face communication combined with online content) with instructor via Zoom at regularly scheduled times upon course start-up or by appointment (via email:
  • closed captions/subtitles (CC), prompts to utilize the pause button during videos and extended deadlines to slow down the pace of the content if: it’s going to fast; you aren’t able to access a device immediately or; if you’re an English language learner!
  • links for additional resources to learn (university-level textbooks to dig deeper into the content)!

Biology Modules

Select from the topics and associated modules below to begin learning about biology!

  • Evolution

    – What Evolution Is and Is Not (Addressing Misconceptions)
    – Key Principles and Evidence of Evolution

  • Genetics

    – Mendelian Genetics: Genotypes/Phenotypes, Dominant/Recessive Traits

  • Cell Structure

  • Cell Processes

  • Communities and Interactions

    – Yup
    – Impact of humans on Communities